My copy is ok, clean sounding, flat and centered. Box set is out. 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Pixies' Debut EP and Album, Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa, includes Bonus 1986 Radio Session Live From The Fallout Shelter. This Come on Surfer I was very much looking forward to. Pixies' Debut EP and Album, Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa, includes Bonus 1986 Radio Concert Live from the Fallout Shelter Come On Pilgrim: Recorded at … Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa Tracklist. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim on Discogs. Triple LP set on gold/bronze 180g vinyl in wide spine cover with download card for the live concert. That lack of intention is felt in the album’s often lower-level energy, though “Rock Music” is a crashing high point. Album. Come On Pilgrim was originally issued in September 1987, its eight tracks taken (in remixed form) from the so-called Purple Tape (which contained 17 early demos). Rosa and Pilgrim both are amazing pressings, can’t say too much on the radio show because the 1. Surfer Rosa‘s origins lie in the Purple Tape, a demo recorded over six days in March 1987 using $1,000 borrowed from singer and guitarist Black Francis’ father. The album also sees a new producer in Tom Dalgety. ... (1987’s Come On Pilgrim) ... You can add or edit information about Surfer Rosa at . Amazing package! Whatever it was, it was a perfect moment in time for this quirky, chunky album on its sumptuous, esoteric record label. 33.6K 2. Reunion rumors swirled for years, and when the original foursome finally announced a tour in 2004, every show sold out. Break My Body Lyrics. It’s 13 piss-taking, rowdy cuts include themes of self-destruction, ever-more irreverent tones and increasingly experimental recording techniques (like recording Deal’s voice in the bathroom on megahits “Where Is My Mind?” and “Gigantic,” or running Francis’ vocal through a guitar amp on “Something Against You”). When it first came out the Pixies were on the vanguard of the 4AD label's sonic assault - or was it a sonic seduction? Hope this helps. The Pixies have released three albums in its post period, and the 20 years between records can be felt in mellower sounds and less-taboo subject matter. The Pixies spent the next decade performing in various projects, including Deal’s The Breeders and Francis’ Frank Black and the Catholics. The Boston foursome came out swinging and burned out quick, imploding after five releases in four years only to become wildly popular a decade after falling apart, eventually releasing a follow-up LP 20 years later. Pixies Surfer Rosa Get It At Discogs One of the most compulsively listenable college rock albums of the '80s, the Pixies' 1988 full-length debut Surfer Rosa fulfilled the promise of Come on Pilgrim and, thanks to Steve Albini's production, added a muscular edge that made their harshest moments seem even more menacing and perverse. Genres: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock. Bossanova weaves nonsensical stories of jazz artists and ex-girlfriends with vague themes of interstellar bodies, a theme most present on alien seduction single “Velouria” and “The Happening.” Bossanova leans heavily on surf rock (“Cecilia Ann,” “Ana”), as well as references to other bands including Talking Heads (“Dig For Fire”), Neil Young (“Blown Away”), and the Rolling Stones (“Hang Wire”). A series of EPs became Indie Cindy in 2014. Where is the clear vinyl issue of this product? For me -- and this may be cheating but . Vinyl, Released by Pixies, in genre Rock & Pop, on 09/28/2018 I haven’t compared it to anything, but it doesn’t sound bad and I definitely think it’s worth having. Lyrical themes of biblical guilt and insatiable sexual appetite appear on “The Holiday Song” and “I’ve Been Tired,” as well as incest perversion on “Nimrod’s Son.” So, too, begin the bilingual Spanglish element, influenced by Francis’ stint as a University exchange student in Puerto Rico. The LP also features quirky bits of between-take studio banter, including a violent foreshadowing of arguments between Francis and Deal to come on “Oh My Golly!”. Released September 28, 2016. It's Surfer Rosa, an Album by Pixies. The Pixies’ debut mini LP is a lo-fi exploration of a modern soul’s battle for escapism. Francis greatly improvised the writing in studio, sometimes penning lyrics on a napkin minutes before laying them down. This is the Pixies by the records. It’s a wild tale best told through the music. No issues with my copy. I am a fan of Simon Labalestier's B&W photography. Francis explores lyrical minimalism on “Something Against You,” “Broken Face,” and “Brick Is Red,” the latter of which has a clear influence on Nirvana’s writing. Interested in seeing more articles like this one? Does anyone know who the other woman, who is clearly not Kim, that is speaking on the live recording is...assuming a manager or something? Old lyrical themes of bilingualism, mystical surrealism, sexual innuendo and aliens come through, though in less bizarre presentations. Bone Machine Lyrics. The strange surrounding influenced the sound of the tracks. 30th anniversary edition, Format: 3×CD, Year: 2018, Label: 4AD (4AD0084CD), Barcode: 191400008427, Length: 1:34:25 Want to join the Discogs community of music lovers. Albini's production simultaneously amplifies The Pixies' endearing naivete and hectic energies, contrasting the polarities of throwaway trash (the tongue-in-cheek nerdy B-52s-type hero worship of "Tony's Theme") versus the snarling thrash of "Vamos" (a remade carry-over from Come On Pilgrim) which does much to lend the album its unsettling volatility. Bossanova was again produced by Norton and features his love of heavy-reverb. A new album didn’t come until Deal left again. The 12-track album is the first Pixies LP without Deal, though her voice is often mimicked.

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